Thursday, January 15, 2009

Offical Press Release

Contacts: Sonia Silbert, Washington Peace Center, (917) 747-0047 mobile
Barbra Bearden, Peace Action, (617) 240-7253 mobile

Progressives Convene in Washington to Hope for Change on Inauguration Day
Groups Rally to Support President Obama's Progressive Agenda

WASHINGTON DC – As Americans celebrate Barack Obama's groundbreaking Inauguration next week, progressives with the Activist Coalition of DC will be rallying in downtown Washington in order to support President Obama in fulfilling the forward-thinking agenda outlined in his campaign promises.

As mentioned in the Washington Post on Wednesday, progressive groups will be distributing placards in McPherson Square all day on Inauguration Day that read "President Obama I hope for _______." They will invite parade-goers to fill in the blank and provide resources to get them involved in progressive causes. As discussed in McClatchy Newspapers on Monday, organizers are not calling this a protest, but a progressive presence at the Inauguration to send a clear message of support for Obama's progressive platform.

"Our country is ready to undergo true change, but we know it won't happen without a strong, organized movement of the people," states Sonia Silbert, co-coordinator of the Washington Peace Center. "That's why this is the time to get involved on a local level and organize now when there's a chance that we can actually make a difference. We know this is a country of people who make change, not leaders who make change."

The event in McPherson Square will include speakers, music, artist expos, and inspiring visuals. It is likely to be one of the largest of many events occurring around the Inauguration.

"Peace Action is proud to be part of this exciting day," says Barbra Bearden, spokesperson for Peace Action. "President Obama inspired our Nation to elect him hoping for real change. Now our work begins. As peace activists, citizens, and community organizers we are dedicated to holding Obama to his campaign promises to withdraw from Iraq, end torture, and promote diplomatic solutions to global conflicts."

The Activist Coalition of DC is a progressive group dedicated to building capacity in DC through working together for more effective non-violent political actions that are both locally and nationally catalyzed. While the specific missions of each member organization may differ, we are committed to working together for progressive change.

Members of the Activist Coalition of DC include U.S. Coalition Against the Israeli Occupation, CodePink,, Greenpeace, Iraq Veterans Against the War, Oil Change International, Our Spring Break, Peace Action, Students for a Democratic Society, Washington Peace Center, and Veterans for Peace.

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For more info on progressive Inaugural events and activities, please visit the Inauguration Action Center website at

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